Return to cheesy service

Like a comfy blanket or a ripe piece of brie this feels just right!

Since October 2018 I got offered the chance to step away from my Cheese Specialist role to pursue a management role in my day to day. My aim has always been to work towards a career in cheese buying and I decided that going back to my Cheese Specialist role would be the best thing for me to work towards this.

This is where the Cheesy1 blog comes in because since March I haven’t posted anything, not one cheesy crumb! Time pressures etc got in the way but no more. Returning to my Cheese Specialism will allow the return of regular posts and I will feature my annual Christmas cheese board post. Cheese talks, judging and networking have continued but at a slower pace due to my career choice. Stepping back into my Specialism makes me excited and reinvigorated with more passion & determination to succeed in the Cheesy1 world.

This has been an interesting year full of learning, self confidence, change, education, new skills and new outlook. I will be slowly reorganising and reintegrating the Cheesy1 blog and website by the beginning of next year you will see normal service resumed.

Thank you to all who have supported, encouraged and had confidence in me during this time but the Cheesy1 is back!


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This is the official page for the Cheesy1 Blog. I'm a Cheese Writer/Advisor, Judge & former Guild of Cheese Graders member. I'm also available as a Professional Cheese Speaker. I'm passionate about cheeses and local produce but in my own unique cheesy way. If you have any questions please ask me via my blog or e-mail me at and I shall try to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for showing an interest in my Blog. Cheesy1

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