My concern for Cheddar production in Somerset

Now I would like to start by saying that I really do feel for the people of Somerset at the moment, and although I’m about to write a blog post about the looming dairy and cheddar production issues I didn’t want you to feel that I was undermining this community in any way by focusing on a fairly trivial issue.

With the people of the UK suffering some of the wettest conditions since records began it does raise concerns perhaps for the future of this Country and the weather it will have to endure along its journey. We can cope with spouts of rain but constant rain causing biblical flooding that is an issue that the agricultural society will be focusing heavily on after this weather has absconded.

The crux of my point is that our most treasured cheddars come from Somerset from the land the cattle graze on, but that has become water-logged, and this can only mean one thing: production issues. I sit here remaining optimistic in the hope that they will come out the other side with no real side effects but I’m just not sure. This could be a dire moment that the cheese community really needs to pay attention to. Now unfortunately I’m not in the most knowledgeable position on knowing what the real effects of this weather will be but we most support our Farmers! The chances are that the dairy trade will struggle as the land will be too wet for cows, and thus the milk yield will be lower affecting the amount that is used in trades such as Cheese. If this is the case the best advice I could suggest is that if you still want to have your favourite Somerset cheese available do not purchase it every time, but spread it out, this will slow down the use of the depleted resources available to the Farmers.

For now we must continue fighting this weather and once it has moved on we can access the damage, and see the true extent in store for the most beloved dairy product that is our Somerset traditional cheddar.

Keep fighting Somerset and you will prevail!






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