La Vista Italian Restaurant, now that’s Amore!

Good Morning Cheesy1’s!

This week I’m straying a bit from the norm with a review of a restaurant that I have visited regularly but deserves a mention. Its called La Vista and Its on the Marina in Hythe which is on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. Its a small and tranquil restaurant that in the Summer has an outdoor seating area which has lovely views over the marina and is perfect with a glass of wine!

I decided to treat Emma to a meal with just the two of us and we weren’t disappointed by the friendly service & quality of the food. We arrived at 6.30pm with it being cold & dark outside but the warmth from the welcome and the candles on the table was enough to warm us up. We looked at the well put together Italian menu and I opted for PENNE AL FORMAGGIO which consists of Dolcelatte blue cheese, shallots, mushrooms and cream sauce and for a main £9.95 was fairly reasonable. When it arrived (Sorry didnt take any pics!) it was steamingly warm with a lovely cheese aroma. The pasta was perfect al dente and with the creaminess of the Dolcelatte it was a simple but extremely tasty main. Emma ordered TAGLIATELLE SALMONE which used smoked salmon and leeks in a cream sauce, it was a small portion but we think that a whole salmon fillet was used because it was very generous with the fish. Emma found it to be very tasty especially using smoked salmon as that added a depth to what would otherwise be a delicate tasting fish. As always a shaving of Parmigiano to get some more cheese in on the action & a dash of freshly ground pepper and we were off and we very much enjoyed and struggled to finish our course, but it was full of flavour and well cooked.

We finished our mains and decided to go for a dessert where Emmas choose Lemon Cheesecake and I had Trufo Scuro?! I had no idea so asked the Waitress who explained it was a chocolate truffle dessert so I decided to go for it and I wasn’t disappointed! What arrived was a chocolate dusted and covered truffle which had a moussy/ ice cream centre and a garnish of a flake. It was rich, indulgent, naughty but incredibly delicious and moreish that as soon as I finished I wanted another one but I resisted.

Having paid and passed on our gratitude we departed from our lovely meal for a long drive through the forest to get home thinking of the wonderful food we had just eaten.

So if you are looking for a restaurant to eat at for Valentines where there is a friendly & warm atmosphere then try La Vista in Hythe, I have added their contact details/ opening hours below:



 12.00 – 14.30

18.30 – 22.00

PHONE 02380 207730





SO45 6DY

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


(All pictures used from La Vista website which I do not own. All credit to original source

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One thought on “La Vista Italian Restaurant, now that’s Amore!

  1. You have put so much praise for La Vista that I think that I will have to go back back there after a long absence and give it another go. I do believe that there are different owners since I last visited. Well done, keep up the road of information. Love it. Strange we have the same surname.


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